Reasons of IPL Hair Removal Better Than Others

Here are a few reasons why IPL hair removal is better than any other conventional methods of hair removal

reasons ipl better than others

Razor hair removal vs. IPL hair removal

Razors do not remove the hairs from their root but slash them at the surface skin level at the pores’ outer edge. A typical complaint from people who use razors is that hair regrows stronger and thicker.

IPL, on the other hand, works at the interior and deactivates the hair follicles, so it is an effective method to remove hairs from the body.

Lotion based hair removal vs. IPL hair removal

The problem with hair removal lotions is that they are made with harsh chemicals. If you leave the cream for long without washing it for too long, it causes severe skin reddening. Similar to razors, hair removal creams take the hair off from the surface.

Compared to IPL hair removers, hair removal lotions have a longer application time.

Wax Polish hair removal vs. IPL hair removal

Wax is dangerous if you have varicose blood vessels or circulatory issues. If you have lots of undesirable hair, the use of ready-to-use wax stripes could be slow, complicated, and painful.

Although it takes away the pores’ hair, the drawback is that it is much more unpleasant than other treatments.

Electrical hair removal vs. IPL hair removal

Electrical hair removers do not reach all the areas on the body well. They are difficult to use on thicker hair and require a lot of time covering all the hair regions.

It could also lead to pain as some skin areas are sensitive, and hair gets stuck in the electric hair remover.

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