Reasons for IPL hair removal in your own home?

reaons for ipl hair removal at home

IPL hair removal is semi-permanent, which implies that 90% of hair removal is permanent. The typical number of sessions required is 2 or 3 months apart, and it depends on the places you treat

Deep permanent hair removal until the next life cycle

While most methods temporarily remove the hairs from the skin surface, and you can view them growing back in a few days, IPL hair removers work from deep within at the hair follicle level.

It puts follicles to sleep and disrupts the hair regrowth cycle. With this, one gets smooth and permanent skin.

Safe for all types of skin.

IPL hair removers have the technology to detect the skin tone and automatically adjust the intensity of the light pulse.

The only specific and necessary amount of light is emitted for safe and effective hair removal.

Hair removal at home

IPL hair removers are portable and are safe for individual use. From the comfort of your home, one can effectively remove hair from the body at any time of the day.

Faster hair removal

It is fast as roughly within a minute a person can remove hair from one of the legs. Hair removers can be adjusted in settings for bigger areas, sensitive areas, and smaller areas to swiftly and easily glide on the skin.

Painless hair removal

First-time users might experience some uneasiness, mostly because of fear. To tackle this, they can set the IPL hair removers to a gentle setting when working around sensitive areas like the face and bikini region.

Handy hair removal

Since IPL hair removers are electrically corded gadgets, you get uninterrupted hair removal time with maximum energy. There is no need to recharge the device in the middle of the removal process.

Good value for money

Hair removal at the salons is expensive and takes a long time. Also, you will have to spend on transportation every time you want your hair removed.

An IPL device can be used by yourself at home, and in a quick time, you will have your hair removed for free.


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